Project Name: Noble Row, Moscow, Russia

Location: Noble Row, Moscow, Russia

Architect: Gregory Tuck

Interior Designer:  foley&cox interiors, Michael Cox

Developer: : Konstantin Akminov APD

Construction Company: Smart Pro Consulting Inc.


foley&cox interiors designed a collection of six multi-level luxury townhouses built in the Beaux-Arts style, these townhouses optimise the style and elegance of the era.

Each townhouse was designed to capture the elegance of the Ralph Lauren lifestyle while incorporating all the modern luxuries of turnkey townhouse living in the metropolis of Moscow.

The winter gardens linked to outdoor terraces on the top floors of the homes add a layer of luxury and enchantment to the elegant environment of city living. The design perfectly reflects the attention to detail and historical references that the Ralph Lauren lifestyle has come to represent. The breadth of materials used infused the interior spaces with the same sense of history and refinement reflected in the architecture. The living rooms and master bedrooms feature beautiful mantels made from marble and limestone sourced from England, Turkey, and Portugal that were hand-carved by Chesneys.

The townhouses of Noble Row were an opportunity for foley&cox Interiors to create the gold standard of architecture and interiors for the famous Red Square area of Moscow. Bringing the unique lifestyle perspective of Ralph Lauren to the idea of luxurious turnkey living in the heart of this historic city.