Project Name: Weekend House In Tanoura

Location: Imabari, Ehime, Japan

Date Completed: July 2018

Architect: Ryoko Ogoshi

Interior Designer: Ryoko Ogoshi

Construction: Seihou Koubou

Tanoura’s weekend house is located on the island of Oshima, in the southwest of Japan. This island extends from Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, towards Hiroshima. In modern society internet connectivity through our smartphones is an ever-present fact of life. Although very convenient, it’s hard to create an environment where we are not interrupted. At the weekend house, the client could escape the hustle and bustle of his busy life, which provided much needed space and time to refresh his mind. A room was set up on the ground floor to enjoy hobbies and also to be used as a playroom. Solid wood is used liberally on the first floor, which contains the open plan living area, the dining area and kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and a dynamic space with a generous gable roof.

The exposed roof beams embody the masculinity of the house, rising powerfully and rhythmically. Seawards, as large an opening as possible has been made, and the magnificent sliding windows when opened slide neatly within the walls. Climbing the two steps up from the first floor living area leads to a private space encompassing the bedroom and the bathroom. From any point within this space you can see the calm sea, while at the same time feel the daily life of the idyllic island and take in the greenery of the mountain.

A mixture of construction materials has been used, such as reinforced concrete on the ground floor and wood on the first floor. The elegant staircase, connecting the ground and the first floor, has been designed to resemble the backbone of a dinosaur. The wall alongside the staircase is the work of the famous Japanese plasterer, Naoki Kusumi, renowned for his traditional technique. Ron Design also created Kumiko (intricate pieces of wood placed inside a square creating many beautiful patterns) art wall lights, called MIYAKO, which create a dramatic theme in the main bedroom.

In the main bedroom the Kumiko art is captivating, catching your eye immediately. The LED panels are the thinnest available in the world, and the light from the LED panel lights up the Kumiko as if seen through Japanese paper. The dimmer switch on the headboard can be used to mute or brighten the art and can create a mature impression. Emitting light from its surface, this new LED technology permits the creation of a thin lighting system which can hang on the wall like traditional Kumiko art. It creates the beauty of light and shadow and offers new possibilities for traditional Kumiko.

The magnificent sea view from the open plan living area reflects the pattern of the traditional plaster artwork on the wall alongside the staircase. You can enjoy the power of the nature from inside and outside. Ultimately, whether in moments of self-reflection, in conversation with a friend, or holding a party for many people, the open space within this house under the large natural roof serves to free the mind.