Project Name: Walden House

Location: Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Date Completed: August 2016

Architect: Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitectos

Interior Designer: Luciano Gerbilsky/Sandra Wainberg

The clients, a couple with three children, were searching for the perfect place to share special moments with family and friends. The family enjoys escaping the rush of the city to a relaxing atmosphere where they can unwind in front of an open fire, contemplating the stars. The project was presented to the clients after working together with Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitectos to define their taste and needs. The 520 square meter home contains four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms and is built on a 3,750-meter piece of land in Valle Santana, located in Valle de Bravo, 180 kilometres from Mexico City.

The clients had dreamed of a weekend home where they could enjoy the company of friends and family. With three young children, it was important to have connected spaces without being on top of each other and with the ability to see the pool from every angle. The social area, where stone and wood prevail, opens on to one of the most significant spaces of this project: an exterior covered terrace featuring a living room and a dining area with an Argentine style grill. The inside of the house becomes the preamble to a grand social area which ties in the exterior terrace with a typical mountain view of Valle de Bravo. The project needed to integrate perfectly into the surroundings and take advantage of the condition of the land.  Valle de Bravo’s climate allows for a lot of time spent outdoors.

The house has a formal living room indoors and another to one side of the pool which is under a high ceiling giving the sensation of sitting outside without the sun rays upon you. This area has a fireplace that allows you to stay warm during the colder Valle de Bravo nights and continue to enjoy the outside view. Behind the open living room is the second dining area and grill where you can enjoy a meal without leaving the garden and pool area. Once the sun and water have been enough you may enjoy a movie in the tv room which is a space near the social area.

The design is centred around this living area which allows indoor/outdoor movement. The open dining area faces the garden with an open fireplace in the background. The living area invites you to relax on the sofa enjoying the view with an alcohol ignited fireplace. This area is covered by a ceiling, two stories above, which protects from the sun and rain but allows you to enjoy the outside. This open space gives the house amplitude and a sensation of freedom as well as warmth. Dark tones and a palette of neutral colours accentuate the architectural integration with the landscape.

The design for Walden House is born with the inspiration given by the land where it is emerged. Built with natural materials locally available and using earth tones that complement the stone make this project part of the natural setting. The landscaping design not only complements the surroundings, it helps fuse the architectural design into the overall view. The owners of Walden House have described the residence as a dream come true.