Project Name: Rum Point – Luxury Home

Location: Rum Point, Cayman Islands

Architect: Nicolas Tye Architects

An ultra-contemporary luxury residence, a functional home, and a spectacular design example; this property is the epitome of Caribbean bliss. Located on the north side of Grand Cayman, Nicolas Tye Architects were appointed to develop the project from design concept through to completion of the new build on the long sandy site between a public road and beach. The design needed to comply to the current regulations and be hurricane, storm surge and efficient in the longevity of lifetime materials to the specification to make this a robust and thoroughly considered build.

Now on the 0.69-acre site is a contemporary, luxurious one of a kind family home, built to establish a visual landmark in the Rum Point landscape. The surrounding houses were inspired by colonial, mock-Georgian and more traditional architectural styles. This build not only provided the clients with a dream Caribbean home but inevitably rejuvenated the otherwise modest settlement of this side of the Island. The southeast facing elevation is mainly solid to protect from the sun, but the north-eastern elevation is open to the beach allowing for unspoiled views towards the sea. Rum point house was to be ultra-contemporary and it was important that the building would sit harmoniously alongside the surrounding area, positioned next to the sea. Taking inspiration from luxury yachts and ships the house was designed to give an impression of floating, like a boat out at sea.

On the front side, with an open entrance area, the elevation is shielded from views from the public road. Side walls are angled at 11.5 degrees to create overhangs to accentuate the nautical design aesthetic and provide solar shading. Windows on the ground floor and 1st floor are all full length to fully incorporate the panoramic sea views. The magnificent design includes a multi-use roof terrace, with a covered bar and lounge area allowing for class entertainment and parties as it fully embraces 360º views of the island and the ocean. At the rear of the building, an infinity pool is situated overlooking the beach. This is a key exterior element that accentuates the effortless transition between house and landscape, embodying the sense of place and tranquillity no matter where you are in the house.

This Caribbean dream home has not only offered its owners a superb living environment that fulfils all their needs, but also has transformed into a majestic icon that embraces and complements the beautiful surroundings of Rum Point. Making full use of the beautiful surroundings and establishing a design that incorporates the 360º views of the island, created a home that wasn’t just functional and intriguing in aesthetic, but payed homage to the original vision for building in this area. Accessing the views in this way is what makes this the perfect beach front home.