Project Name: Mosman Park Project

Location: Mosman Park, Western Australia

Date Completed: November 2017

Interior Designer: Moda Interiors

Architect: Neil Salvia Designs

Construction Company: Peter Stewart Homes

Moda Interiors where given the opportunity to complete a new direction for this Mosman Park Project, in Australia. The Home is set in a well-established affluent suburb. The architecture, landscaping and style complement the street and overall neighbourhood at large. They were to provide complete FF & E interior and exterior, design all cabinetry and complete new space planning – this involved changing the purpose of key rooms. Moda Interiors were to navigate the project from start to finish, alongside the builder and architect – Neil Salvia Designs. The design brief given to Moda Interiors was to keep it neutral but modern within the classical barriers of the existing architecture.

Moda Interiors needed to maximise the breath-taking views and pay specific attention to the material used throughout due to being on the waterline. Product performance and efficiency was a priority to the clients, as well as not compromising on quality. The design works so well, due to it having a natural flow. The reverse living captures a complete lifestyle on the upper floor for practicality, meaning that you don’t necessarily have to utilize the entire home. The house now has great entertaining space and easy lift access.

Moda Interiors favourite aspect of the project is the Cellar, it is a complete contrast to the fit – out of the rest of house. It makes you feel like you are entering a real wine cellar. The whole project was a renovator’s dream. Moda Interiors designed all cabinetry, space planning and structural changes. They took the project all the way through to post construction to furnishing and decorating.