Project Name: The Icon at Shenzhen Bay

Location: Shenzhen, China

Date Completed: September 2016

Interior Designer: Ricky Wong Designers Ltd.

Architect: Aecom

Developer: City Mark

The client requested the 1937 sq. ft. show unit to be designed with unique and modern taste. The designers; Ricky Wong Designers Ltd. named the project The Icon, to illustrate the significant identity of this project. This is a perfect living space for an elite’s family. The 2-storey spatial layout is carefully planned as a loft apartment, which separate the public zone, living and dining area, with the private zone, the study room and the bedrooms. Ricky Wong Designers Ltd. have given the space a personalized sense by the decent selections of colours, materials, furniture and decorations, allowing the family to express their high quality of living in a modest way.

Ricky Wong Designers Ltd. wisely makes use of the 2-storey layout and structures to compose a spacious home for the elite family. The lower level of the loft apartment is designed as the living and dining area, which a spacious layout allows the owner to invite guests for parties and gatherings, while the upper level consists of a master bedroom, study room and two other bedrooms that reflect personal taste and provide a calm and private environment for the family.

Through a thorough understanding of the owner’s life pattern, living condition and expectation, a modern yet luxurious space is created to suit the owner’s expectation. Stone flooring, leather sofa and clean-style tea table stated the owner’s fashionable yet modest character. The artistic clock near the dining table gives an aesthetic touch.

For this project, Ricky Wong Designers Ltd. combine the space with the relationship of engineering, fitments and soft decorations to figure out every corner. The loft style staircase for example, simple yet sophisticated, is made by steel and located behind the TV that becomes a line adornment. Automatic lights had been installed on the underneath of each step and a huge storage space-built underneath. Shenzhen Bay is a young, busy and modern district in Shenzhen city. The Icon is the local landmark building its design of metal, stone and wood combine balance and express the timeliness of the city.