Project Name: Han Residence at The Noble Mansion

Location: Beijing, China

Date completed: August 2017

Architect: China Academy of Building Research Institute of Building Design

Interior Designer: Ricky Wong Designers Ltd.

Developer: Tahoe

Construction Company: Gold Mantis

Ricky Wong Designers Ltd. integrates his design inspiration about the “city centre” and “human lifestyle” with a light luxurious design scheme. Chinese elements and philosophy of “balance” are shown from the artefacts of contemporary ink and wash brushworks, filling the interior space with a calm pace and balancing the surrounding bustling streets with an artistic touch. Various motifs bring different surprises and new ideas to live, creating a unique atmosphere and sophisticated conception.

The spacious living room enjoys the stunning view of the bustling Beijing city. The simple and modern ceilings are converted to broken beams from the original building structure, in order to expand the visual height. The use of natural marble on flooring and columns becomes a backdrop for the soft, contemporary furniture and furnishings, while details of the furniture and decorations define the owner’s taste.

The natural marble upholstery wall becomes the focal point of the elegant dining area. The dining table and bar are topped with jade, which gives a luxurious and noble feeling for dining. The wine cabinet is placed at the corner of the layout, providing a private yet posh wine-tasting space to the residents. The master bedroom can easily enjoy the great view of the city, and the cloakroom can accompany a lot of clothing and accessories. The leather-mounded bedhead and the jade colour tone subtly align with the owner’s luxurious taste and the Chinese background.

The spacious and tasteful residence creates an elegant and high-quality living environment, bringing unlimited possibilities to living. This project has demonstrated natural, contemporary yet Chinese design-style by being decorated with brush strokes artworks, creating a sophisticated and relax mood. The project is located at the centre of Beijing and targeted for high-end, sophisticated, powerful residents. A new form of subtle luxury is demonstrated from this project, balancing between calm and bustle, modern and traditional.