Project Name: Chinese Ink Painting

Location: Hangzhou, China

Date Completed: January 2017

Interior Designer: Kris Lin

Chinese Ink Painting is a villa which is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. It is a modern villa which is perfectly combined with Chinese traditional culture. Chinese culture has four thousand years of history, and its profound influences in the life of Chinese people, this concept was the theme behind the design of the residence. The design theme could be mainly divided into two parts – “feng shui” and “landscape painting”.

The Chinese people pay attention to feng shui because it can affect people’s health, the true meaning of feng shui is natural. The concept emphasizes the combination of human and nature, and using the nature of the three elements – sunshine, air, water, throughout the interior space. The original building is a long, narrow house with an outdoor atrium in the middle. First, the glass skylight was sealed above the atrium, the wall of the atrium was removed and the courtyard was turned into an indoor atrium.

The three elements were a particular influence on the design style of the residence, the glass skylight with the sun shining through into every corner of the room indicates the sunlight element. The air element is illustrated through the geographical climate, the Chinese attach great importance to north-south ventilation. After removing the walls of the atrium, the air convection was able to reach the south-north ventilation. The water element was present on the ground floor atrium, which holds the static pool. The water flows to from the first floor pool to the basement SPA pool, it is the cycle of the whole system, the flow of water represents the circle of life.

Landscape painting represents the art of Chinese painting and the manipulation of painting into interior space. The designers used the landscape painting concept to identify the patter of holes in the stone, reflecting the distant mountains. This concept extends to the atrium from the sitting room, the first floor pool represents the lake in the painting. On the wall and ceiling of the master bedroom, Kris Lin Design asked the painter to paint a lotus that symbolizes the artistic atmosphere. This whole project is not only designed for residence, but also to exhibit Chinese culture. The designer transfers many elements such as sunlight, water, even atmosphere into the design.