Project Name: Chelsea Family Home

Location: Chelsea, London

Date Completed: 2016

Interior Designer: Shalini Misra

The swimming pool in this Chelsea family home project is a place to relax but also a place to be reinvigorated. Shalini Misra designed the pool area to include a bar, shower room and changing room. The pool area also leads into the gym so the whole space is practical as well as having the flexibility to be used as an entertainment area with the bar. The stretched ceiling over the pool mimics daylight, further enhancing the bright surroundings of the pool. A nearby lightwell with a lush green wall provides an outdoor area which adds to the sensation of being above ground. Vintage cog mirrors reflect light further round the room. Art is incorporated into the space just as it is in the whole house giving it a unique design element.

Suspended from the high ceiling above the pool is an artwork by Canan Dagdelen. The art adds a touch of theatrics to the space, as the suspense that the mid-air position creates, contrasts with the soothing quality of the water. It took three weeks to install, one string at a time. Porcelain spheres are installed and positioned so that it stands against gravity. As an artist who is deeply interested in architecture, Dagdelen interprets architectural forms in relation to different contexts. The artwork can be seen in many ways such as through reflections on the water and shadows cast from the lighting. A shuttered concrete wall by the pool has a sculpture of a figure clinging to it. As you swim you can see both artworks from different angles.

Surrounding the pool, the walls have a shuttered concrete finish, next to timber walls and the bar area has teak panelling. The floor is a custom designed Statuario and Marquina checkered marble pattern. The bespoke bar is made with an exaggerated teak countertop and handmade Italian ceramic blue and white tiles on the sides. Horizontal panelled walls behind repeat the use of the teak. There is also has a steam room and changing room, with walls clad in shuttered concrete and a mix of patterned tiles. The pool itself is large and continues the spectacular mix of finishes in the house with a chequer pattern of marbles in nero marquina and statuario.

The design of this project works so well because the pool area feels like it is above ground, Shalini Misra intentionally incorporated light wells into the basement level to create this effect. This brings in a great flow of natural light and the main light well by the pool has a lushly planted vertical green wall which enhances this feeling of being outside. Shalini Misra Ltd are especially proud of this project and believe it is a haven in the surroundings of central London. It is unusual, to walk into a property in London and find such an oasis underground to exercise in, relax in or wander through admiring the art.