Project name: Armadale Residence

Location: Melbourne Australia

Date completed: December 2017

Interior designer: Rob Mills

Architect: Rob Mills Architects & Interiors

Developer: Rob Mills

Construction company: VCON

Armadale Residence is a remarkable achievement in the integration of architecture and interiors. Here, the desire was to liberate the plan and achieve a holistic integration of the views and surrounding environment of the home with its interiors. The separation between the exterior environment beyond the perimeter and the main living spaces is intentionally blurred, unifying outside and inside. Armadale Residence brings commanding views of the spectacular park and associated district views into the daily lives of the occupants on every level of the home and in every room. On each of the three levels, the design allows for the creation of multiple distinct environments, artfully combining private and shared spaces.

Managing natural and artificial light, orientation and sophisticated ventilation were critical. This minimised the need for heating and cooling, enhancing the occupant’s comfort despite all of Melbourne’s climactic eccentricities. Extraordinary attention to the acoustic properties of the concrete slab and masonry walls, combine with effective insulation and engineered glazing to create an inner sanctuary where the occupants can celebrate silence and hear the sounds of nature from the adjacent parklands. A remarkable, unique water course running from the exterior through the interior delights everyone who lives here, but also actively contributes to their psychological health and mindfulness.

Armadale House epitomises innovation in its transformation of former warehouse space into a five-bedroom family home with multi-purpose living spaces on a relatively small footprint of land – a new achievement in high density, urban living. But Armadale House achieves much more than this through the extraordinary consideration of its occupants and the precision of the design response in its interior architecture. It creates a new standard for great living with the utmost regard for its inhabitant’s well-being and happiness.

Armadale Residence innovates through its expression of space for inner-urban living. This is not a suburban home, it is a luxurious residence which is gratifyingly spacious, space being the most refined of luxuries. It innovates by using traditional materials in a rigorously contemporary way, this can only be achieved by innovation in execution.