Project name: Amarula Sun Pool

Location:  Tampa, FL, USA

Date Completed:  2017

Architect:  Ryan Hughes, Ryan Hughes Design Build

Interior Designer:  Ryan Hughes, Ryan Hughes Design Build

Developer: Ryan Hughes, Ryan Hughes Design Build

Construction Company:  Ryan Hughes Design Build

Within the 10,000 square feet of designed outdoor opulence, Ryan Hughes Design Build, built this creatively and structurally complex project that is spectacular in design, engineering and enjoyment. The home’s very location, right on the Gulf of Mexico in a velocity zone, is dramatic as well as ripe for design and construction challenges. The living space of the home is located on the second floor of the palatial home. One of the first requests of the home owner was that the spa also be located on the second floor so it could be conveniently accessed from the main living room. The spa from its elevated point spills over into the main swimming pool, located on the ground level fifteen feet below.

The vision of Ryan Hughes Design Build, broke up the elevation by creating separate pools that all spill over into a lower lap pool. By doing that, Ryan Hughes Design Build created amazing visuals in the water in transit from pool to pool.  Also, with the home’s location sitting directly on the ocean, there are amazing water to water visuals from each of the pools. The spa spills into a 10’ deep 24’x27’ pool that features a grotto style seating area tucked beneath the second story spa. This mid-level pool spills over a 14’ x 3’ high acrylic window into a sun shelf with a vanishing edge. From there, the water flows into a gutter that circulates the water into the 16’x 40’ lap pool.  Adjacent to the pool and lounge area, a covered pavilion structure with an outdoor kitchen and a sunken fire pit was built.

The four levels of water, the movement between each, and the water to water visualisation provides over-the-top excitement and drama. A key element in this one-of-a-kind water playground, involved the required infrastructure and underground utility accommodation. The flow looks like it is gently moving; but is deceiving at a closer look, the hydraulics plan shows six pumps moving the water at an enormous speed. Located just 15 feet off the Gulf of Mexico, this waterfront outdoor design was surrounded and inspired by the constant motion of soothing waters. Ryan Hughes design Build’s reputation for creativity, extreme engineering and expert execution came together in this year-long project to complement the opulent surroundings, while providing creative elements for outdoor living and entertaining.

Among Ryan Hughes Design Builds’ specialities is the ability to capture a client’s unique vision. By creating intimate settings that fits beautifully with the surrounding environs, Ryan Hughes delivers artistry of space. When it came to the style of the Amarula Sun outdoor space, the plan was to create something with a wow factor, but also great for entertaining. The Ryan Hughes Design Builds’ philosophy is to take the home interior design and have it flow into the swimming pools and outdoor living spaces. With the opulence of this Versailles-esque interior, such palatial decor was carried to the outdoor through the incorporation of 24 carat gold leaf in the pool and other mosaics, columns and a superior lighting plan that stretches into the ocean waters along the dock.