Project Name: 2727 Kirby

Location: Houston, TX

Architect: Zieglar Looper Architects

Interior Designer: Marcus Mohon From Marcus Mohon Interiors

A Houston oil executive and his wife shifted gears from a historic country estate renovation to move into a modern high rise. Wanting to find balance with an artful blend of old and new, housed in a glass box 27 floors above the streets of Houston, Marcus Mohon Interiors was appointed to mix and marry these pieces together to recreate the couple’s vision.  Marcus Mohon Interiors started by reorienting some of the room function to better capture the views of the city and to create some comfortable landing spots. The shuffle of space also helped create beautiful landing places for the couple’s art collection.

The couples extensive collection was a key influence on the design at 2727 Kirby. Comprising of some brand-new pieces as well as some older pieces from great American artists such as Mary Cassatt and Albert Bierstadt that the couple had brought along with them from their estate. The recent purchases included several European pieces, so Marcus Mohon used an attitude of 20th Century French detailing in order to hold hands across time, marrying the antique tables, chairs and bookcases with the contemporary glass and steel high rise.

Marcus Mohon Interiors changed the designation of some of the rooms to capitalise on the view. For example, the dining room became a lounge for after dinner drinks with a wonderful night time view. The dinning table was moved to the end of the living room to capture the light from the beautiful sunsets shining on downtown Houston. Marcus Mohon Interiors sourced many materials required for the design from local businesses. For example, they used a Houston Millwork shop to create the rosewood panelling with the inset brass that can been seen in the entry to the property and they also used a plaster shop from New York to create the powder room ceilings and mouldings.

Marcus Mohon Interiors ended up with a warmth that helped two people in a large apartment feel safe, comfortable, and most of all embraced by their new high rise home.