Project Name: Wilmslow Residence

Location: Cheshire, UK

Date Completed: February 2019

Interior Designer: Panoramic Properties Ltd

As part of the full renovation of the property, the clients aspired to have a designated cinema room where they could truly embrace their love of films. A space to retreat to on their own, with guests and with their children. Their love for film made this an important aspect in the property’s redesign and with the space allocated for this room. Panoramic Properties Ltd believe the best designs are the simplest ones when executed well, so this was their starting point; they allowed the focus of the room to be the purpose and function.

The client was looking for a luxurious, cosy room that had all the latest technologies, creating a truly world class cinema experience. To enable us to deliver this, Panoramic Properties Ltd needed to have dedicated cinema seating, surround sound speaker system and 4k projector. It was a necessity for the system to be as user friendly as possible, to allow all family members to use and enjoy the space as much as they pleased. Games consoles and racking needed to be easily accessible from behind secret panels and all wiring to be neatly installed and clearly labelled.

The client wanted an uplifting space that was both dark and moody but also had colour and punch, to transform it from a mundane space into something truly extraordinary. The client liked the idea of introducing texture and pattern, helping to make the whole space very tactile. They also required the space to be functional for the whole family, including the children, so requested reclining leather cinema seats with cup holders. There were many elements to pull together in the design, whilst ensuring the design was in the detail and the overall space worked effortlessly.

Panoramic Properties Ltd tried to consider all aspects of the room, both aesthetically and practically, to provide the client with a cosy and inviting space. The rich colour scheme added depth yet still maintained a level of luxury, through upholstered wall panelling, wallcoverings and deep pile carpets.