Project Name: Whispering Classic

Location: Palm Jumeirah, Frond O, Dubai

Date Completed: March 2019

Architect: Lora Bergiy

Interior Designer: Lora Bergiy

Construction Company: Dubai Design Group

Developer: Nakheel Properties

When the client requested a home of overwhelming luxury, Dubai Design Group by Lora Begiy produced the timeless design for Whispering Classic. A luxury 6 bedroom villa, with new landscaping in full renovation, extension, fit-out, furnishing and decoration in Palm Jumeirah Island, Dubai. This project depicts classic, feminine luxury through a love story between art, gold and pink camellias.

As soon as the custom-made main entrance door is open, there is an insight into the masterpieces that Dubai Design Group By Lora Bergiy focused on for this astonishing project. The spiral staircase with 1300 porcelain roses, camellias and anemone flowers is the dominant masterpiece of the interior and greets the residents and visitors on arrival. This motif is carried along the luxurious hallway; decorated with unusual consoles with internal light, chic mirrors, real frescos and an amazing installation of chandeliers shaped as a bouquet with golden leaves and pink flowers. Professional Gold Masters and Artists spent 120 working days on the 24 carat gold leaves in the fine decorations, accumulating to 7kg of gold.

To create a personalised interior, Dubai Design Group by Lora Bergiy used details that stem from the character of the owners, reflecting their personal lives and hobbies. Souvenirs brought from travels, old pieces of furniture that are cherished, all combined with the décor selected by the designers – every detail plays role in the final result. The design works so well due to the great collaboration between liveable classic design, unique art objects and the designer’s delicate taste. The interior, as unique as its owner, is the basis of Dubai Design Group By Lora Bergiy’s signature style.

The balance of modern and classic, the perfect combination of the customer’s individuality and the uniqueness of the location create a design to be considered Timeless. It is an authentic marriage of Craft, Artistry and Quality.