Project name: Victorian Residence

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Date completed: August 2019

Architects: Ash Wilson Design

Interior Design: Ash Wilson Design

Construction Company: Edge Design and Construction

Reconfigure, define and fuse were the corner stones of the design brief. For Ash Wilson Design, functionality was the key starting point for the project, and understanding the needs of the family navigated the new design, warranting structural changes and new layouts.

The homeowners had two very different styles – contemporary and traditional – which in turn epitomised the goals of Ash Wilson Design’s renovation; to marry the old with the new mid- century style that was introduced, and respecting the history of the period home (1863) while accommodating the needs of a busy household.

The house naturally has an abundance of historic charm, with many existing features still intact. The design aesthetic is brought together from an amalgamation of the client’s needs; to have a house that works, a house that accommodates for each person that lives there, and a design which balances the family’s tastes. The eclectic style of the home was carefully carried throughout each room, with a colour pallet that offers a nod to the historic colour pallets with dark blues and greens contrasted with a section of mid-century antique furniture.

Ash Wilson Design kept the design simple, with everything having its own space and function. One main challenge was to ensure that the family had sufficient space in the home, and by creating open plan spaces where relevant, such as the kitchen, living and dining areas, the family now use every room in the house. Ash Wilson Design connected the house with the garden on a functional level incorporating sliding doors to the rear of the house, which also visually enhances in the interior, as it now has a beautiful natural backdrop to rest against.