Project Name: URCHIN Cabinet

Location: United Kingdom

Date Completed: November 2019

Architect: Jake Phipps

The bilateral symmetry of an urchin shell provided a creative influence as well as a technical one for this large wall-mounted cabinet. The seventy polished panels on the doors are curved and faceted to create fragmented reflections of the users environment. These panels array around a central convex mirror that creates a similarly distorted yet crisper and cleaner view that entices the user’s eye inwards.

The cabinet’s precision engineered opening and closing mechanism uses no electrical motors, but is in fact operated entirely and effortlessly by the user alone. By pushing a discreet key latch that pops the central mirror outwards, the user then simply pulls the central mirror downwards to a 90° angle revealing a polished marble work-surface on its reversed side.

The cabinet contains a central shelf with mirrored backed walls to bring light to the working area of the cabinet. Top and bottom sections each offer four further adjustable shelves made of toughened glass.