Project Name: Tianyu Mansion

Location: Shanghai, China

Date Completed: October 2019

Interior Designer: Harmony World Consultant & Design

London’s unique architectural and cultural heritage were the main inspirations for this project. Harmony World Consultant & Design sought to strike a balance between the unique historical atmosphere and modern-day rapid development to create a new lease of life for this luxury property.

A black top hat remained the key theme for this project, a symbol of taste, etiquette and status in Western culture. A black, white and grey colour scheme, with pops of warmer hues adorns the interiors throughout to establish a transition and connection between the past and the present. The key aspect of this project lies in its design details, a metal chandelier with elliptical and linear elements, geometric carpet designs, stylised bedside table art, black and white decorative paintings; all which aim to create a rich visual effect throughout this home.

Designers use a variety of elements and expression techniques through the design to create a seamless transition from room to room. The East London style extracts elements from life and combines diverse elements in a deep, complex and creative way to fully present this blend of cultures.

The designer’s ideas were rooted in the regional culture and aesthetic of modern East London. From the outside, the goals were to highlight Western personality, from the inside, the focus was on connotation and innovation, through modelling and colour interpretation of modern cultural heritage.