Project Name: r003

Location: Ontario, Canada

Date Completed: December 2018

Interior Designer: Ashley Botten Design Inc

Construction Company: Ripple Project

When Ashley Botten Design Inc approached the design of this Ontario project, their design brief was to create a warm, welcoming, thoughtful and beautiful home for a busy young family who entertains all the time. With a traditional backdrop already in place, the designers layered in timeless and thoughtful moments that bring back childhood traditions which flow into new beginnings. Through the design of project r003, Ashley Botten Design Inc created a story, the stage set for many chapters.

The interior design of this project integrates into the existing traditional architecture of the home because it is authentic, not trendy. The understated luxury that Ashley Botten Design Inc has created honours the ornate backdrop that the designers were working with but allows the home to remain family oriented. Refined sophistication grounds a playful, family-first approach in this lively home. Bright, expansive rooms are infused with youthful energy through layering – of textures and materials, of carefully curated furnishings. The coalition of muted and earthy tones is both calming in its neutrality and cultivated in its design. Conceived with entertaining in mind, Ashley Botten Design Inc’s design for the interior is both spacious and welcoming: with these exhilarating walls, family and friends want to linger and the children instinctively know they can run free.

This project did not entail interior architecture as the backdrop for a classic home was already in place. Ashley Botten Design Inc refined some of the base building finishes such as removing the gloss from all the existing stone ( in elements including flooring, counter tops, fireplace mantels) for a honed finish. The walls in the circulation areas were painted with a variation of a white paint colour and applied a lime wash treatment. The designers then worked on the furniture choices to achieve their desired atmosphere for the entire house. With 6000 sq ft this new, bright home allowed the clients to broaden their entertaining ideas; rooms to formally and informally entertain, another to have an intimate gathering, these ideas are expressed through the layouts and materiality.

Design works well when balance is felt.  When you can move through a space that feels whole through the balance of scale, texture, and placement. In r003, Ashley Botten Design Inc created and developed a family home through the feeling of furniture pieces and materials, working to the design brief of keeping a cohesive vibe that appeals to adults, children, and both as a family.