Project Name: Private Residence, Kuala Lumpur

Location: Kuala Lumpur

Date Completed: 2019

Interior Designer: KNA Design, LA

The clients’ home was their escape, and by completing the refurbishment of the entire lighting design for the property, as well as minor uplifts from interior design perspective, John Cullen Lighting allowed them to gain a new appreciation for their home. This is something that John Cullen does well for their clients, creating the opportunities for people to fall in love with their homes all over again.

This client’s art collection was a key focus throughout the property. Although some art was highlighted, they were never a focus when developing the pre-existing lighting scheme. The client wanted to showcase his artwork along with his refreshed interiors in a way that was complimentary to his interiors, whilst also not digressing from the original aesthetics of the architecture. Joh Cullen Lighting had to review all existing cabling to work around what was possible and make clever decisions in the best way to elevate the space, though they also had to allow for the client to retain occupancy within the home throughout the process and reduce impact to their day to day lives. The lighting designers also carefully re-commissioned the lighting control so that moods and scenes could be added to the space, something that had been forgotten previously.

The new lighting scheme that John Cullen Lighting had implemented remains subtle to the architecture, with low level and fully dimmable scenes, and placing the focus on key aspects that needed more drama within the spaces. The increased interconnectivity between the rooms and fluid traversing of the space due to the commissioned lighting scheme confirms how this design has worked so well for the property.

Focusing on the artwork collection to establish their presence within the space was one of the key aspects in the refurbishment. Previously a lot of the art had been left in darkness –  bringing them to life added such depth to the space and allowed for a journey of the artwork to be created within the home. As the client used his landscaping a lot throughout the year, it was also important for John Cullen Lighting to ensure that this was highlighted at night, without feeling overwhelming; with more of a resort type feel. Therefore the team ensured the space was not over lit, blending the estate into the jungle-like environment that Malaysia has to offer.