Project Name: Private Residence

Location: Ascot

Date Completed: 2019

Interior Designer: Desmond and sons Ltd / Kim Harvey Interiors

Desmond and sons Ltd were appointed by Kim Harvey Interiors, to turn their designs for a bespoke and sophisticated cinema, games room using luxury upholstered walling, embellished with gold metal inlays, into a reality.

The detailed designs they were provided with required intricate, full height metal trims with cushioned narrow panelling to provide a greater detail to the cushioned wider panels throughout the remainder of the walls and two internal doors. The two tv walls were to be built out to house acoustic treatment supplied and fitted by Desmond and sons Ltd and speakers supplied and fitted by ATI Group. This allowed for the TVs to be recessed to finish flush with the fabric panels and maintain a sleek seamless finish throughout the room.

Using their specialist tracking system, fixed in situ, infilled with acoustic wadding allowed the desired cushioned effect of the larger panels to be created. The system has been perfected over many years and allowed Desmond and sons Ltd to be extremely versatile when fitting fabric to walls and ceilings. They can overcome any architectural details and follow any design, which may have otherwise been unachievable using traditional upholstery methods. Stretching and fixing the fabric into the tracking system created an even tension across the whole panel resulting in a perfect finish. The narrower panels were crafted in MDF and upholstered in the same fabric. The experience and craftmanship and guidance from a talented interior design team, allowed them to undertake this unique project and create the best solution which resulted in a spectacular desired outcome. The detailed design including the intricate detail with the metal inlays and narrower fabric panels really adds a luxurious feel to the room and divides the wider panelling throughout the room.

The design fits the brief exactly, working with the interior design team Desmond and sons Ltd were able to execute all aspects of the design with precision. The result is a very warm luxurious room, with a subtle feel.