Project Name: No.12 Collection No.1 – Coffee Table

Date Completed: March 2020

Designer: No.12 Studio

A luxurious contemporary coffee table that encapsulates No.12 Studio’s deep rooted design ethos. Our design aesthetic is wholly contemporary yet respectfully classic. Our design is bold, comfortable and elegantly masculine. Holding craftsmanship in high regard, we combine warm materials with clean lines, and fine detailing.

No.12 Studio’s Coffee Table is a celebration of three perfectly and thoughtfully composed materials; Invisible grey marble, satin brass and clear Perspex. The solid Italian Invisible Grey marble base grounds the whole piece providing support for the floating Perspex delivering a visually clean yet impactful silhouette.

The solid slab of 50mm cantilevered Perspex with grand proportions counterbalances on top of just two supporting brass rods. The crystal water-like quality is enhanced through the precise execution of the Perspex mitre detail. The brass rods pierce through the central marble base allowing the Perspex cantilever to appear weightlessly suspended in air.

Structurally dependent on each other, the three elements, harmoniously create the perfect focal point for a reception area.