Project Name: Mokotowska Chic

Location: Warsaw

Date Completed: April 2020

Interior Designer: HOLA Design

Mokotowska Chic is an elegant apartment with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 170 m2, located in a historic tenement house in the centre of Warsaw. Its interior is filled with high-quality design, elements of old architecture and excellent art. The whole interior design corresponds to the type of real estate, i.e. the interior of an old tenement house.

The location was a challenge for the designers because the conservator of monuments taking care of this property limited the introduction of functional changes in the interior. However, it was possible to recreate former room enfilade arrangement. The leitmotif of this project is the “tone on tone” approach, i.e. obtaining a coherent, harmonious interior without many contrasts. One that over the years will defend its timelessness, while not being overloaded. The goal of the architects and owners was to create a maximally coherent interior with elements referring to the Art Deco style, this is perfectly seen in the living space of this apartment. It is a perfect environment for relaxation after a long and busy day. The nature of this living space is mainly influenced by large windows, stucco, bright wooden floor arranged in a herringbone pattern and preserved ceiling moldings. Numerous works of art are used as brilliant decorations.

All equipment and accessories have been selected with the utmost care for detail. In addition to noble aesthetics, the interior must also have been created in a reasonable, functional way. Every day it is a house for a family of four. Hence, in the living space, spread-out sofas or a magnificent fireplace reign. Just behind them is a slightly separated part with a piano and a library, whilst paintings and beautiful decorations were also exhibited there.