Project Name: London Dock

Date Completed: April 2019

Interior Designer: Happy Place Design

St George required the development of a comprehensive FF&E proposal for the 2-bedroom show apartment. The client wanted a high-end, on-trend interior scheme that was in keeping with the architectural language used throughout the development and that showcased the “industrial-chic” characteristics of the local area. Happy Place Design achieved this by designing some key bespoke pieces, of which the media unit and sideboard were the hero pieces.

The media unit is a key aspect in the interior scheme of this project, as it was for many clients and buyers who visited the show apartment. The piece is striking and elegant, with simple but considered details. Happy Place Design are passionate about working with UK based craftspeople and specialist manufacturers to produce bespoke items for their projects. For the media unit and sideboard, they engaged metalwork specialist Novocastrian – craftsmen, metalworkers, artists, welders, makers and engineers, who forge bespoke objects and environments, providing exceptional pieces to some of the world’s most distinguished clients. Their craft is born of industry, of the manufacturing heritage of the North East of England.

It is a bold, black metal open shelving unit, to which Happy Place Design added brass uprights and solid marble boxes to ensure the piece felt high-end and luxurious. The living room did offer some surplus space behind the sofa, so the designers elected to add a coordinating sideboard, which features asymmetric sections and brass uprights. The marble boxes were kept exclusively for the hero piece, the media unit. The client had requested LED strip lighting for the media unit, but the designers felt it wasn’t appropriate for the piece, which resulted in Happy Place designing the knurled brass clap swivel telescopic LED spotlights. These lights elegantly light up the desired spaces within the unit, without competing with the design elements of the media unit.

The design of the media unit was heavily inspired by the rich industrial history of London Dock. The unit is constructed of black powder coated metal, brass and marble. The proportion of black metal, brass and white marble were carefully curated to create a piece that was sufficiently bold, industrial and edgy, whilst remaining elegant and luxurious.