Project Name: La Maison Semonville

Location: Paris

Date Completed: March 2020

Interior Designer: CM Studio Paris

Inspired by the life of Marquis de Semonville, former owner of the property, CM Studio Paris completely redesigned and restructured this former hotel particulier. The aim was to create a connection and coherence between the interesting history of the building and the magnificent interior decoration.

The project consisted of firstly redistributing the space in the apartment, renovating and then re-decorating the whole property. For instance, the master bedroom is the result of the combination of the old kitchen and a bathroom being completely renovated to create a new space.

CM Studio Paris have considered the architectural elements of time in each room of the apartment, including the Versailles style parquet flooring, the facades, ceilings, main staircase and a full guardrail on the second floor. Pieces of antique furniture from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, mingle with contemporary art works, creating a timeless ambience and telling a beautiful, historical story. A feeling that each element had been in its place since the beginning of time, whilst making no concessions in terms of comfort. The apartment was furnished with antiques and pieces of furniture sourced from all over the world, helping to really tell the story and express the personality of the property through every design detail.

Creating the illusion of timelessness was the key concept of the design, taking inspiration from the life of the former owner who used to be an ambassador in the Ottoman Empire. For this reason, the project is filled with references to the East. The design integrates with the wider environment in a sense that it has been furnished to be consistent with the interior life of these kind of hotel particuliers, located in the Marais district of Paris.

La Maison Semonville is a great illustration of a renovation and decoration project that has respectfully and beautifully maintained the spirit and poetry of the original space, whilst adding an additional touch of magic and fantasy to this amazing property.