Project Name: L Modern House

Location: Israel

Date Completed: September 2019

Interior Designer: Orly Dekter

This house was designed by DO Studio with a concept for combinations of materials, that create contrast between themselves but altogether create harmony and balance for a feeling of elegance and modernity.

Each design element is carefully crafted for the project, paying particular attention to the details in order to create a uniform design language. Many of DO Studio’s key decisions stem from this design concept of uniformity and the perception of space. It was decided that the island in the kitchen, which is the heart of the family home, and the staircase which leads from the entrance to the living area, were especially modelled and produced from the same marble, bringing harmony to the home by tying together the communal areas.

To allow intense contrast to the grey floor, a black kitchen was designed by DO Studio in a linear style using clean parallel lines. The full height cabinetry contains all the electrical appliances, including an integrated refrigerator, makes for a dramatic floor to ceiling appearance. On the opposing side to the black feature is a wood island designed to serve as both a work surface and a seating area creating the contrasting combination.

DO Studio incorporated interesting visual elements that are unique to this home. Alongside the staircase is the home’s lantern which makes the design even more impressive and powerful. This unique lighting piece hangs by the stairs and draws the focus to the centre of the house. The central wall of the living room is a complex woodworking element that incorporates TV, fireplace, beverage bar and the audio systems. The varying-sized grey rectangles soften and blend this add to the warmth to the home.