Project Name: Kleinburg Crown

Location: Ontario, Canada

Architect: Cassidy and Company

Interior Designer: Kelly Harvey Living

Construction Company/Developer: SkyHomes

With fresh white walls, architectural wall panels with inset mirrors, a modern fireplace and sleek finishes for a level of sophistication not yet seen in the area; Kelly Harvey Living has designed this 4 floor home around a timeless approach to interiors. Looking to show the upscale town of Kleinburg that city style could work in a 6,400sqft suburban mansion, the developer sought out Kelly Harvey Living to design their model home, then elevated by custom made furniture by the designers. There interiors were intended to fit an upscale, inviting look that also showcased the upgrades that buyers could purchase, and has won many awards in the local building industry association.

Using neutral tones was a reliable way of Kelly Harvey Living to ensure that the style would suit all potential buyers, and the custom items throughout the house are inspiring. The style is polite, not overbearing and therefore makes it visually appealing to the masses. To appeal to all tastes, neutral colours were used to combine beauty and simplicity with comfort to reflect the polite and neutral culture of Canada, which makes their design style very pleasing. Clean, classic, light, crisp and inviting.

The transitional furniture with whimsical lights juxtaposes beautifully with the crisp white wall panelling. This panelling with its inset mirrors became one of Kelly’s favourite aspects of the house, along with the custom iron railings, the custom walk-in closet, the family room fireplace with mirrors flanking the sides and the kitchen backsplash. The unique backsplash is a chrome mirror finish in a traditional subway tile pattern, and is a nod to the neo-classical design theme of the house.

The primary ensuite uniquely opens to the walk-in closet which is clad in a floor to ceiling custom macassar and mirror custom built-in design, and has a retail feel fit to showcase the homeowners clothing with plenty of room for their accessories. White marble floors climb up the ensuite walls in a brick pattern, while an interesting centre stripe of grey marble visually connects a free standing soaker tub and make-up station. Full height drapes on the marble wall add the perfect back drop to the spacious bathroom and tub.