Project Name: Hyde Heritage Thonglor

Location: Bangkok

Date Completed: April 2019

Architect: I will Design

Interior Designer: That is ITH Interior

Developer: Grand Asset Hotels & Property PLC

This project was joint with one of the biggest japanese developers, therefore the living and construction knowledge from japan have been brought to this project. This was done to ensure that the best of the best quality home will be delivered to all residents and pass this luxurious heritage through generations.

This sales gallery and show units are the showcase of the prestigious development located in one of the most sophisticated areas in Bangkok. The overall design is understated with a touch of art and craft in details, furniture and elements. all materials and finishes are the finest quality with total project value of 200,000,000 usd. While this sales gallery and show units are in total value of 2,000,000 usd.

An Italian marble and dark wood spiral staircase that entwines around the lift which has been draped with woven leather and metal is the main feature of the lobby area. This creates a sense of grandeur and sets the tone for the rest of the buildings interior design.

The understated yet sophisticated design reflects the present urban lifestyle and taste of the target group of the project. Whilst a simple square shape reception counter which has been soften by pony hide all over the surface

The project integrates into the wider environment as the design starts from fundamental livingĀ  quality and adding a touch of simple yet luxurious beauty. This suits the lifestyle of the beholder which can be applied anywhere in the world by the same criteria and fits with the style of living that Bangkok represents.

Specialist artisan skills were used to create a 12-meter high hand-woven leather and bronze stainless steel strips which were designed exclusively for this project wrapping around the lift core is one the main art & craft elements in the lobby.