Project Name: Homestead is Where the Heart Is

Location: Kent, United Kingdom

Date Completed: March 2020

Interior Designer: Fisher ID

Architect: Offset

Developer: Manak Homes

New Wave AV were enlisted for a high-performance dedicated cinema room within the basement of a family home. The room needed to have a fully immersive audio system with the largest screen that was suitable for the viewing distances. The family were film fans so wanted the screen to be the correct ratio for film (2.40:1 rather than 1.78) and to be seamlessly installed within the room. 

The room dimensions made the design quite a challenge as it was narrower than is ideal.  In addition, the clients focus was film which meant that the 2.4:1 screen was the correct choice but highlighted the issue further. The design therefore was based around a micro bezel screen that spanned almost the entire width of the room. This allowed for the immersive viewing experience the client had requested.

The client was concerned about noise from the projector, so the design brief included for a projector housing that was custom built and matched the ceiling detail. All speakers were to be hidden or to be colour matched.  The room needed to be able to accommodate up to 6 people utilising tiered seating and the client did not want a “formal” seating solution. New Wave AV worked with the Interior Designer on the seating configuration to allow for a more informal seating area in the rear row that was built in – again maximizing the available width.

As there was no natural light it was critical that the room had layered lighting. The client wanted to ensure there was enough task lighting for cleaning, whilst having dimmable secondary lighting that could remain on whilst a film was being watched. 

New Wave AV’s favourite element of the room is the floating backlit BAD Panels. They are critical to the acoustic performance of the room whilst being an integral element of the room design.  Utilising this design allowed New Wave AV to hide all the speakers as well as the room AC unit.  Backlighting the panels allowed a low level glow of lighting that could remain on even when a film was being watched.