Project Name: Decoding. First Ukrainian Experience

Location: Ukraine

Date Completed: 2019

Interior Designer: Intemporary Design Studio by Alexandrine Lukach

Alexandrine Lukach transformed the interiors of this classic apartment into a modern eclectic space by integrating 196 contemporary design objects of 42 Ukrainian designers and artists. The designer’s mission was to refresh a charismatic space which had been previously created by herself three years ago and add up-to-date furniture, lighting, and decor. Working on this task, she was inspired by the image of European art galleries and wanted to create a modern space in which everything – from small furniture and textiles to numerous accessories and sculptures – will breathe art and create in the interior new places for us to see and understand. 

Alexandrine decided to focus on Ukrainian designers in her selection of objects and turned this project into a professional personal challenge. Ukrainian design is vibrant and prominent, it is something which is being created right now and steps beyond current trends. Pieces of Ukrainian designers based on modern comprehension of craft traditions can create unusual harmony with the classical basis of the interior. The interior enriched with art and design objects by local new-wave creators has received a completely new interpretation.

Among the objects were works of; Noom, FAINA Design, Mahno design, OLK Manufactory, Olga Fradina, Tasha Oro. When the objects were brought to the apartment, it was hard to believe that they could be combined with each other. The interior enriched with art and design objects by local new-wave creators has obtained new depth. There are no unimportant things in the #DecodingProject, as despite any differences, together they work as a finely-honed mechanism.

The interior is called “the largest gallery of collectible design in Ukraine” and its mission is to encourage people to see contemporary design differently, to discover new concepts and appreciate new aesthetics. Nowadays you can create a modern and vibrant interior only if you fluently mix traditions of different epochs and styles. To achieve balance, you need to enhance functionality by bold artistic accents and decorative objects which resonate with the personality of the home’s owner.