Project Name: Country House Home Cinema

Location: Worcestershire, United Kingdom

Date Completed: 2018

Interior Designer: Bayswater Interiors

This project involved the creation of a Home Cinema and Bar area for clients who own a large period Country House in Worcestershire.  The clients had owned the property for several years, and since having children had to decide to make a number of additions to ensure that this would be their forever home.  After the creation of an outdoor pool they decided to embark upon an extension to create a ‘leisure’ area and asked Bayswater Interiors to design the space.

This leisure area was linked to the house and was to include a changing area for the pool, a Games Room and also a Cinema Room.  Whilst the existing house was a period property and the exterior of the extension was in keeping with that architecturally, the interior was to be more contemporary.  The cinema was to have a high specification of AV equipment and include individual cinema seats, and a small bar to serve the cinema was an essential requirement of the clients.

Due to the architecture of the cinema room there was nowhere to hide the AV equipment, so Bayswater Interiors had to design the space to incorporate storage of the AV rack, and to ensure it was accessible for maintenance.  The designers also wanted to create a number of moods with the lighting within the cinema, and the client was keen to include a starlight ceiling.

From a functional point of view, Bayswater Interiors worked with experts to ensure that the technical aspects of the Home Cinema met the client’s requirements, and also designed storage that would ensure all of the AV equipment and children’s Games Consoles could remain hidden to leave the design feeling more streamlined.  Simultaneously, the clients wanted the space to feel luxurious and to have some colour, so the designers introduced a selection of fabrics for the acoustic wall coverings to do this and also created a lit alcove in the cinema to provide a visual focus.

When not being used to watch a film the Cinema Room was to be visible from the Games Room, and this plus the client’s request for the injection of colour into the scheme meant that Bayswater interiors would need to ensure that the space also provided visual interest when not in use.