Project Name: Breezers Court

Location: Wapping, London

Date Completed: August 2019

Interior Designer: Shuwen Wang

Shuwen Wang Design were appointed by a London city professional to renovate an historical warehouse into a luxury apartment. The designers were asked by the client to restore the original warehouse features whilst simultaneously creating a contemporary and elegant look.

The main challenge facing the designers was that the apartment only had two west-facing windows, one in the living room and the other in the bedroom. In addition, both windows faced another tall warehouse which largely limited the light coming into the flat. In response, Shuwen Wang Design added two large floor-to-ceiling mirrors to reflect the light from the windows.

It was important to make the apartment as light and spacious as possible, so the designers also created an internal window between the living room and the bedroom to allow more light to flow around. A few partition walls were removed to create an open living space with an open plan kitchen and dining area. Combined with the original high ceiling of the apartment, Shuwen Wang Design created an airy space, which further allows light to travel through the whole space.

The client wanted a neutral and calm colour scheme, with no complicated patterns. In order to create an elegant and versatile space, the designers used a lot of rich textures and difference finishes, but still staying within the safe colour palette.

This marvellous historical warehouse building is a hidden gem, with a lot of hidden features, such as red brick walls, gem green structural steel beams, high ceilings etc. Shuwen Wang Design were able to bring out the best original parts of this historical building and incorporate them into the design scheme and meeting the client’s requirements for contemporary and elegant interiors. Shuwen Wang’s design principle is “simple but not simpler” – all the shapes, textures, colours and furniture that were used were implemented to resonate with the historical context of the original warehouse.