Project Name: Audrey GP05 from the Safari Collection

Date Completed: 2019

Designers: Peter Ghyczy, Felix Ghyczy

The lounge chair Audrey (GP05) from the Safari collection was first designed by Peter Ghyczy in 2016, then redesigned by Felix Ghyczy in 2019. GHYCZY’s design philosophy is to design products that last and fit in with the trend of modern-day nomad culture. Their main goal was to design Audrey (GP05) with this philosophy in mind and is the reason behind the name of the collection which the lounge chair is part of; The Safari Collection. The core concept and “DNA” of the collection is to encapsulate products that are light weight, elegant, sexy and timeless.

For the original design, Peter Ghyczy drew inspiration from the ancient Bedouin culture. The difficulty was the technique of connecting metal and wood into a ridged and elegant construction, while using minimal resources. Another problem to be solved was how to create extraordinary seated comfort, where the cushions are adjustable and match the minimalistic framework. The result is an iconic looking chair to be dismantled and flat-packed. A product should not only be aesthetical, well-proportioned and beautiful, but be in service of its user. The designer asked himself, what could a user need that is not yet on the market? This chair is very light, easy to carry, and the seating is adjustable to meet everyone’s seating preferences.

The designer was inspired by the club of Rome, stating that as a designer it is their responsibility to design a product that has a function and is meant to be lasting; in design, construction, material and emotionally lasting. The product should not be trendy as trends do not last forever.