Project Name: Wuhan

Location: Wuhan, China

Date Completed: August 2018

Interior Designer: Carlisle Design Studio

Developer: Green Town Holdings

A multi-unit luxury Residential development in the heart of the prime Bund location in Wuhan, China. The apartment is approx. 7000 sq ft and contains 4 bedroom suites, a study, lounges, dining, kitchen and staff quarters. This project was Carlisle Design Studio’s first commission in Wuhan, China and they were required to create a base design for a show apartment that could be replicated over 250 apartments.

Carlisle Design Studio aimed to create a cohesive language allowing a seamless integration of the lounge and private bedroom areas that is unique to Wuhan, yet elegant and timeless. The designs combine the drama and eclecticism of current western trends with the classic proportions and elegant detailing of traditional Chinese homes. The colour aesthetic of the city landscape flows throughout the interior design in the form of a natural palette overlaid with bold blues and creates a comfortable and welcoming luxurious home.

Ancient Chinese wood carving techniques inspired the interior architectural details which are revisited with a modern twist. The results can be seen in the Bespoke metal screen & grill, wall panelling, marble floor in bespoke patterns and bespoke furniture and lighting. The combination of the eclectic design of current western FF&E and forms, with the classic proportions and elegant detailing of traditional Chinese homes is a difficult and fine balance to achieve well but one that Carlisle Design Studio think was a very successful result.

Wuhan Bund House overlooks the Yangtze River and is a part the Erqi Business Riverfront District – the architectural landmark of Wuhan. Erqi District is prosperous and at the same time secluded – ideal for ultra-high net worth individuals. One of the main objectives of Wuhan Bund House was to achieve an exceptionally high level of luxury design as the apartments are very high-end. The goal was met by the Carlisle Design Studio team inspired by modern luxury designs and Chinese traditional culture. An unconventional approach to an artful design allowed to achieve quiet sophistication of the affluent sanctuary.