Project name: Triple E Residence

Location:  Elkins, Arkansas  USA

Date Completed: March 2018

Architect: Scott Sallis / Dalrymple Sallis Architecture – Pensacola, Florida

Interior Designer:  Chris Goddard, Goddard Design Group

Construction Company:  GB Group Construction – Springdale, Arkansas

Triple E is a home nestled in the Ozark Mountains, designed to bring the outside landscape inside the home creating one space with the surrounding natural beauty. Referred to as “Ozark Boho Chic,” this new style was created to invoke the spirit and personality of the client. A neutral, monochromatic colour scheme accented with organic shapes, textures and materials brings to life an Ozark Mountain elevated experience.

Goddard Design Group was heavily inspired by nature for this project. They selected native stone for the floors, fossil stone slabs for counters, they also used heavy textured grass cloth for the walls. All these specifications represented different aspects of the beautiful setting of the property. In addition, a neutral colour palette, a departure from the colourful projects Goddard Design Group had done for this homeowner in the past, added to the sense of calm and tranquillity throughout the spaces.

With the home located in the country, the structure needed to be sturdy for the ever-changing weather, but aesthetically appealing to the eye.  Goddard Design Group chose to finish the exterior of the house in an ancient Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban, a technique of heavily charring the outside of the wood to make it weather- and pest-resistant, as well as increase the longevity of the cedar. The battered wood blends effortlessly into the landscape and really comes alive in the spring and summer.

This is the fourth project that Goddard Design Group have completed for this client. Having developed a wonderful friendship and understanding of this client’s lifestyle, they put total trust in Goddard Design Group as their designer. Today the home beautifully reflects the family’s lifestyle and personality – which includes entertaining friends, lounging with family and playing with their two “country” dogs. Goddard Design Group’s favourite details was the powder bath, where they created a sink cast of bronze to resemble a ginkgo leaf. They also repeated the leaf theme in the upper cabinets in the kitchen with pressed skeleton leaves in the panels.