Project name: Tribeca Loft

Location:  Manhattan, NYC

Date Completed: June 2018

Interior Designer:  Amy Kartheiser Design

A modern loft, in Tribeca, NYC, that is housed in an old manufacturing building.

This 4000-square-foot Tribeca Loft is located in the landmarked Grabler Building. It was built in 1896 and was occupied by Grabler Manufacturing Company, a pipe fitting maker. The building was converted into condominiums in 2001. The owners of the loft are both international lawyers and global travellers.  Amy Kartheiser Design’s first directive was to design a home that was modern, chic and sophisticated, yet liveable. The second directive was to make sure their artwork was seen and able to be enjoyed, as they are collectors from both their travels and galleries, and many of their pieces had been sitting in storage for years.

This is a project that uses the architecture well, playing feminine against masculine. Sofas and coffee tables reiterate the curves of the windows, while the leather daybed suggests the strength of the columns that run the length of the apartment. The palette is soft and pretty, reflecting the sky views. The “art wall” in the Living Room was created by Amy Kartheiser Design. The wall was painted white and Amy Kartheiser Design commissioned white lacquer shelves and iron stands, from a local art installer, that would showcase the pieces both as individuals and as a group. The refined furnishings work with the primitive, ethnic art – one enhances the other.

Good design is really about understanding a problem, or a goal.  While designing this particular space Amy Kartheiser Design focused on the bigger picture of the design and the specific goals the client had for the space. They also made sure that no details were spared. Amy Kartheiser Design believe the combination of femininity and masculinity in the design is a wonderful balance in this home, and helps bring the project together.