Project name: Terramar

Location:   Terramar

Date Completed: Spring 2018

Architect: Anthony P. Massaro, Mars Hill Studio, Inc.

Interior Designer:  Intimate Living Interiors

Construction Company:  Curva Construction


The Terramar project was a complete home renovation that transformed a dark and heavy Tuscan style home into a clean and coastal classic home.

After a successful design of their first home, the clients returned knowing Intimate Living Interiors   would be able to navigate through the challenges of creating a home that is supportive to their lifestyle, dreams and ambitions.

The overall execution of this project was key, Intimate Living Interiors made it there goal to ensure every last detail was flawless and executed to perfection. The house is located in the seaside cliffs of Carlsbad, California in a natural environment that absorbs soft hues of blues, whites and sand tones and receives direct sun exposure, creating sun-filled rooms.

However, the home dark and the existing finishes and fabrics did not blend with the natural environment. In addition, the interior layout of the home was choppy and lacked flow. Doors and windows were minimal, obstructing views to the outdoors. Intimate Living Interiors goal was to create a built environment aimed at optimising the home’s natural environment. The team set out to rearrange the entire floor plan by removing interior walls that segregated the spaces. The team replaced existing windows and doors with larger door systems that maximised flow while bringing the outdoors in. Tearing this home down to an empty shell gave Intimate Living Interiors a clean canvas to choose all of the interior fabrics, finishes, fixtures and specifications that were more in alignment with our goal of creating a clean, coastal look.

Intimate Livings Interiors favourite part of this project was the dramatic transformation of the home as a whole. In particular, the way that they joined the dining room and family room together with a custom built-in to create one highly functional space. Due to critical structural restrictions we had to get creative by use of interior columns and customized built-ins.