Project name: Suzhou Wharf Tianhao Model Room

Location: Suzhou,China

Date completed: 2018

Interior Designer: Andy Leung

Developer: The Wharf (Holdings) Limited

Located in Suzhou Huqiu Wetland Park, the project is originated from the unique aesthetic temperament of Suzhou itself. Geometric patterns are used to connect the characteristics of different spaces and integrate natural stone and metal into the spatial pattern, this can be felt in the way in which the art is integrated into life. Light grey and elegant white were employed as the main colour tone, which created a quiet and elegant living space.

Colour of the sitting room is fundamental key with warm grey, adorn luxury elegant marble, brass. This is combined with original material of elegant and noble, to create a unique texture and texture of art. Integrate natural stone and metal into the spatial pattern, and people can feel that the way in which art is integrated into life.

Original building for designers to consider the four levels, improve space utilization, thus has a sandwich in underground space. The open kitchen increases the interaction between the guest dining room and the kitchen, and the whole space on the ground floor is filled with a sense of ceremony.

The project is surrounded by urban landscapes and parks, located in Suzhou, China. It is very difficult for us to find a natural place in a prosperous city. In order to better record the samples of noble life, the designer broke the tradition and created an elite villa in a simple way.

We regard the International Design & Architecture awards as a professional, serious and fair award. We hope our works can be recognized by the industry. It is not only a proof of our hard work, but also an honour. So we think this competition is very important.