Project name: Style Home with Pool

Location:  Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico

Date Completed: January 2018

Architect: Ricardo Camou / Jorge E Guzman

Interior Designer: Liliana Michel

Michel Design, the lead designer on this project, used their clients as the basis of the design.  By considering the dreams and desires of the client, Michel Design was able to create an interior design scheme that has spaces full of light, functionality, elegance and sophistication. The basic colour palette is cold, but full of colour helping to give light, amplitude, and feeling of welcome that a home must always have.

Michel Design care a lot about indirect lighting, when used effectively it can help recreate and highlights each different area of the home, each space that was created had its own unique lighting scheme. Michel Design created a place to simply relax and enjoy the space, where sophistication and luxury combine perfectly with the functionality of life in the residence. It was possible to represent the style of the client and make it their home.

Throughout the residence Michel Design carefully selected personalised artwork and prints that were designed and created by Michel Design’s associate artist Dora Luz Sarmiento. These pieces of art work help bring each room together and fills the home with special personal touches.

When one arrives at the home, they are welcomed by unique architectural characteristics and wide-open spaces. The living room and dining room are key areas of the design as they open out onto the landscaped garden and swimming pool. By successfully bringing together the most important architectural characteristics of the residence in this way Michel Design was able to create not only a dazzling residence but also a functional Family home.