Project Name: Sea View Apartment in Spain

Location: Puerto Banus, Spain

Interior Designer: Tatiana Gorshkova, Gorshkoff Studio

Gorshkoff Studio were enlisted for the interior design of an Andalusian-style apartment by the sea, located in the beautiful Puerto Banus, in South West Marbella. The 175 square metre apartment featured two terraces with semi-circular arches, white walls and marble floors.

Gorshkoff Studio’s aim was to create a completely new and unique space. Originally there were two separate terraces, but the designers decided to combine them into a larger single terrace, moving the wall 1.5 metres inside the living room, thus shortening the already stretched living room. Gorshkoff Studio divided the living room itself into two zones, a cosy living, lounge area with the large sofas and a dining area for hosting family dinners.

Many non-standard solutions are used in the interior: some rooms heavily feature dark colours, a complex mix from different epochs prevails everywhere, radically changing the overall atmosphere of the room. The key emphasis for the interior was on the American classics and works of art in the form of paintings by Alexander Serov. The elegant interior is filled with bright fabrics, wallpapers with interesting prints, antiques and furniture from luxurious brands, which gives the space a certain indulgent style, as if telling a sensual story about the luxury and fragility of the seaside life of an F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel.

The key features of this project are the mix of modern pieces of furniture of famous brands, antiques, colour accents in the form of paintings and textiles which are beautifully set off the dark walls and help to combine the space. The competent layout and light scenario make this project particularly unique.

Gorshkoff Studio wanted to emphasize the bright colours of the natural Spanish environment, not just use the standard colour scheme in the form of white walls and blue textiles, but with the help of specific design techniques and bright accents, the designers were able to incorporate a continuation of Andalusia’s stunning natural colours.