Project name: River View Luxury Apartment

Location: Pune, India

Date completed: May 2019

Interior Designer: Tanuja Rane

Construction Company: Tanuja and Associates

The Design brief for Tanuja and Associates was to create a luxury home for a client with a family of four. The design style was to highlight luxury in the use of materials and space planning to portray the client’s status. This river view apartment has an entrance foyer, enormous living room with attached dining area, four large bedrooms, home theatre and a private terrace.

Tanuja And Associates’ favourite aspect of working on this project was the creative freedom given by the client, this was made easier as they were working with a blank canvas as the property was a new build. Tanuja and Associates wanted to achieve a sophisticated space with many beautiful pieces of furniture such as Sofas, console tables, dining table, armchairs, artefacts and terrace set up.

The designers were able to perfectly integrate them with subtle textures, beautiful colours and elementary soft furnishings, which seamlessly complement the large windows and help to frame the fantastic view of the terrace which overlooks river view with lush green surroundings. The vast sense of space in the living area is aided by two seating arrangements formal and informal seating area, Tanuja used very limited colour palette for the living room, which is comprised of muted jewel tones and golden accents.

There is a surplus of natural light flowing into every corner of the house so sheer drapes, Blue and orange in colour take centre stage in this palette for the perfect dining and living room design. The dining area shines with the crystal chandelier, rose gold framing on chairs, and the onyx dining table top, altogether brings a luxurious appeal to the dining space. The prime feature of this apartment is the open terrace where the outdoors and indoors blend into one another.

Highlighting the biggest advantage of the terrace, to maximise the utilisation of the stunning river views, Tanuja provided a terrace bar. Bars are always a place to get together, unwind and relax, so their ambience has to create a certain atmosphere to achieve this effect, which has been brought up with the design materials used such as wood, onyx and lights playing a major role to it. It is beautifully accessorised with the bar ornaments like glasses, bottles and the hanging light chandelier with glass holder. A large canopy with precisely angled fins and the live fountain creates an interesting backdrop for the seating set up on the terrace and continues down as wooden textured tiles, interlocking to form the flooring.

The prime feature of this apartment is the open terrace attached to the living area where the outdoors and indoors blend into one another which overlooks river view with lush green surroundings. Outdoor lighting illuminates the entire space and creates a theatrical effect at night.