Project Name: Rio

Location: Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Date Completed: Summer 2018

Interior Designer: Carlisle Design Studio

Architect: SPI Società Progettazioni Integrali

Construction Company: Intown

A luxury apartment overlooking the waterfront with stunning 180 views from Copacabana to Leblon including 5-bedroom suites, a cinema room, an open plan 20 m wide formal and informal lounges and Dining room, kitchen, breakfast rooms and staff quarters. Carlisle Design Studio were honoured to be commissioned for the full interior design of an apartment within a historically important Oscar Niemeyer building with unprecedented views directly onto Ipanema beach and the ocean in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Respecting the historic elements of the Niemeyer architecture Carlisle Design Studio created an appropriate yet bold, fluid and organic design solution that was inspired by the warmth of the rising and setting sun over the ocean, and the myriad of colours and light tones that are projected through the floor to ceiling glazing throughout the day and evening. The client wanted to create an appropriate backdrop for not only the stunning natural beauty of the immediate surrounding area, but also one that allowed for multiple Artworks that we were to curate on behalf of the client. As well as locally sourced paintings and photography Carlisle Design Studio commissioned, based upon, Haberdashery and Seamless to collaborate with them and realise their bold conceptual ideas to create art pieces unique for the client and the location, from sculptural tables, chairs, lighting through to a unique wave art installation.

The 40 meter shimmering bespoke wall sculpture designed by Carlisle Design Studio (and artisan design company Seamless Industries,) catches the brilliant Rio De Janeiro sunshine, and refracts and bounces the light through to the rear of the apartment. The sculpture, based on a crashing wave, was constructed from thousands of segments of perfectly formed pieces and finished in a bespoke polished liquid metal, with a specialist moiré effect, creating a surreal and ethereal effect that is unique to this property and interior.

The gentle compound curve design language in the highly complex bespoke joinery is a juxtaposition to the orthogonal vernacular of the building. This allows the harshness of the sharp edges to disappear, enabling light to seep in from the oceanfront windows without casting harsh shadows and the playful and creative character of the client to have presence in the design.