Project Name: Project Marbella

Interior Designer: Yvette Taylor London

This unique chandelier designed by Yvette Taylor and produced in MURANO Italy is the beating heart of the vivacious entrance hall of the Mediterranean villa, designed by architect Diego Tobal. The villa is as striking as the landscape surrounding it. The luxurious interior design of the spacious rooms gives the owners a stunning holiday home in which to be rejuvenated and restored in comfort.

The client desired a special piece for the 10 metres high entrance hall. A bespoke chandelier which looks stunning in daylight unlit performing more as an art element, to transform later in the evening and night to a vibrant lighting element with magical effect. This custom-made six-meter long chandelier composes of 700 pieces of hand-blown glass in five distinct colours, transparent, opal, smoke grey, white, and transparent with silver leaf.

The chandelier weighs 900kg and as a result the ceiling had to be specially reinforced. The skeleton of the chandelier is made of metal with a chrome finish. It took five working days for four experienced fitters from Italy to assemble the chandelier from the specially installed 10m high scaffolding.