Project name: private spa (m&r)

Location: Austria

Date completed: September 2016

Interior Designer: Sabrina Haindl

It is possible to see that the project represents a design experimenting with materials and surfaces. Furthermore, it can be noticed that all the contrasting elements create a harmonious atmosphere in the interplay. Additionally, the project has been realised with the intention of originating a vision of “old meets new”, but in a stripped-down way.

One of the key characteristics of the afore-mentioned realisation is that the entire old bathroom furniture was removed and direct access to the outside was created. In more details, the design is experimented with the materials and surfaces such as wet-system wallpaper, concrete warung, glazed steel, glass, wood and matt lacquer. As it is possible to notice, the project is just 6sqm, but everything is in there.

Other important key features of the project are: the possibility to access Storage, garden, and the existence of a place where there is the chance to sit and relax; beautiful surfaces and of course a rain shower complete the creation. Again, “Old meets new.” Patience & precision have been fundamental for originating the before-mentioned project because patience refers to the number of layers for the wallpaper and concrete warung, whereas, precision refers to the pattern of the wallpaper and concrete warung as well.