Project Name: Penthouse Apartment

Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Date Completed: September 2018

Interior Designer: Cochrane Design

Cochrane Design were enlisted for the interior design and conversion of three penthouse apartments into one luxury penthouse. The client wanted a home which was luxurious and timeless as well as bold and dramatic, so it was imperative that all the elements married together.

As Cochrane Design were required to join 3 existing apartments it was crucial to create flow from one to another as the designers wanted the transition to be seamless. The main living space was pinpointed as the heart of this home and so this is where the design process started. The space already had dramatic floor to ceiling windows which curved round the room and overlooked the city so the initial focus was to enhance this existing feature and echo this drama throughout the rest of the design.

There were three key aspects for this project, the first was the hammered brass wall which plays with the light pouring through the double height windows. The second was the polished nickel spindles which frame the bespoke staircase and the third was the double height columns wrapped at the base with nickel collars – these columns were existing and could not be removed so it was imperative to tie these into the design.

The project features bespoke joinery and carpentry and a lot of bespoke metal work which adds an extra layer of depth to the scheme. The staircase required special attention to detail in order to combine the wooden treads with the integrated lighting and carpet runner, and the nickel spindles were designed and made specifically for this project. Cochrane Design feel the interiors work well because they balance bold finishes, such as hard metals and deep paint colours, with warmth exuding from the natural walnut flooring and warm lighting details.