Project name: A Palm Jumeirah Frond

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Date completed: April 2019

Interior Designer: Nikki Bisiker Interior Design

A Palm Jumeirah Frond was an interesting project for Nikki Bisiker Interior Design, as the design brief asked for a family home that cared for attention to detail with furniture, colour play and light. Nikki Bisiker Interior Design were able to showcase their artisan craftmanship when fulfilling this brief, as the project is tied together by custom made items including bold artwork and furniture. The aura of luxury and sophistication though, is in the detail of Nikki Bisiker Interior Design’s lighting scheme and designs.

The lighting scheme is introduced from the outset, with the entranceway of the home. The client had asked Nikki Bisiker Interior Design to pay tribute to Bali Four Seasons Hotel with the exterior of the house; a challenge for a desert environment. Nikki Bisiker Interior Design achieved this tropical guise by creating a verdant design, which was then elevated with their addition of warm lighting to soften the linear architecture with playful light and shadows.

The client had an intent for chic opulence, using luxurious layers of textures and colours. Nikki Bisiker Interior Design, although coordinating this brief into the project as a whole, also summarised this concept within their lighting designs individually. The execution of the custom lighting designs combines the client’s requests for detail, texture and affluence. One communal dining area includes individually crafted metal leaves formed into a lighting structure, adding a mythical tone to the room and continuing the warm lighting as introduced at the entrance. The contrast between the golden metal leaves in the lighting and the natural foliage also creates an alluring juxtaposition.

In the main family area, Nikki Bisiker Interior Design have considered the architecture and location of the home to ensure that their lighting scheme creates a dramatic ambience and interest, without the finished look seeming cluttered or heavy. The lighting piece provides a warming glow to the room which balances the natural light from the large windows, and uses a combination of turquoise and grey glasswork to mimic the iridescent colour scheme of the ocean views, with added touches of golden framing for grandeur. The high ceilings in the architecture provide a perfect fitting for the chandelier without it overpowering the design of the room.

Nikki Bisiker Interior Design