Project Name: Paddock House

Location: Cheshire, United Kingdom

Date Completed: January 2019

Interior Designer: Harriet Hughes Interior Design

Construction Company: Kevin Holliday Ltd

Harriet Hughes Interior Design were enlisted to complete the interior design of this large five-bedroom new build home. The designers were heavily involved with the project from the outset having significant input during the architectural stages of the project through to completion, enabling them to improve the overall layout of the home to provide a more contemporary living environment.

The objective for Harriet Hughes Interior Design was to create a home that combined timeless elegance with contemporary and luxurious living. They started by implementing definitive classic features in the home such as the door surrounds, floor finishes and joinery details which set the tone for the property. The designers continued to inject this classic-contemporary feeling throughout by creating beautifully bespoke bathrooms, aiming to achieve a much more luxury hotel bathroom feel. A palette of champagne and gold tones were incorporated through the home, using brass and bronze finishes to bring an element of elegance and warmth.

Each design integrates into the wider environment by creating an underlining DNA using classical finishes and architectural features such as the doors and architraves, and brass tones throughout the project, steering away from the over contemporary feel and more in the direction of a feeling of timelessness. It was important throughout the project to link each space as much as possible, due to the home being a new build, the focus for the designers was keeping the overall theme of the property as elegant and timeless as possible.

The key aspect of this project for Harriet Hughes Interior Design was delivering completely bespoke and unique bathrooms that complemented the new build property whilst also incorporating a hotel style chic bathroom that would last the test of time. Overall, Harriet Hughes Interior Design believe that the design works well due to the introduction of Georgian architecture into as much of the home as possible, allowing for large symmetrical spaces, where furniture is scaled up but remains elegant in its finishes. The aim was to create all the benefits of a newly built house, with all the classic references to a large Georgian style home.