Project name: PACIFIC HOUSE


Date completed: DECEMBER 2018


Interior Designer: PENMAN BROWN

Construction Company: MJK BUILDING

This beachside bungalow has been transformed into a serene and sophisticated family beach house, deeply connected to its coastal location. Penman Brown ensured that Pacific House would be a spacious, light filled and flexible family home, with an immersive sense of calm being reinforced through subtle white tonal variations and discrete patterning. Penman Brown wanted to enhance nature’s calming effect, and so space, light and views to the natural surrounds were the fundamental underling principals.

Penman Brown’s innovation comes from the simplicity of the forms that they employed, such as the internal orientation to views of the treescape through intelligent space planning, and the meticulous continuity employed in the application of a monochromatic palette and gentle materials. Penman Brown’s internal finishes palette of whites, subtly tinted with cool undertones retains visual space whilst achieving calming, crisp cohesion. Subtle changes in tone and texture throughout Pacific House enhance detail, imparting depth and suppleness. Linear aspects are carefully applied in varying patterns, weights and quantities, providing a gentle rhythm that complements the natural environs, whilst according sequence and order to layered volumes.

The light colour scheme and contemporary yet earthy summer palate, along with an abundance of natural light, means that Penman Brown has given the home an intelligent informality that is both relaxing and invigorating. The trapezoids of light projected through northern skylights drift across the interior throughout the day. A hidden western skylight bestows an ethereal radiance on the lustrous marmorino splashback ensuring natural light on all sides, embellishing the much-needed open space within the family home.

Penman Brown