Project name: Ostrow

Location: Ostrow

Date completed: 2018

Interior designer: Karina Snuszka and Dorota Kuc.

It is possible to see from the project that the most dominant feature of the spacious interior of the bathing room is its subdued elegance. Here there are solutions that are neither ostentatiously luxurious, nor too common. Additionally, the most crucial role in the design plays the space and the natural materials, which introduce a pleasant and cosy atmosphere. The floor finished with sycamore boards instantly catches the attention of the observers. It corresponds with travertine, which has been applied in the shower space. The living room ambience has been introduced by a fireplace by Antonio Lupi, a dressing table and a large number of free-standing elements: a bathtub, an armchair, a floor lamp, a table and plants. Moodworks have designed a bathing room, which veers away from the regular style of such interiors. The company has created not only an elegant but also extremely friendly space, which one perceives with all their senses. The project has been executed with the use of a large amount of textured materials and colours. Moreover, the style and approach to the design process meet the needs of the large dose of investor confidence, who have consciously chosen MoodWorks as a workshop. The interior of the bathing room, as well as of the whole house, correlates with the surrounding nature. The main assumption of the design was to use natural materials and a colour palette, which would harmonise with the surroundings. Numerous wooden elements of the furnishing have been made by local craftsmen.