Project name: Ostrow

Location: Ostrow

Date completed: 2018

Interior Designer: Karina Snuszka and Dorota Kuc

The main inspiration for the interior design was the surrounding nature. The interior is filled with subdued elegance; the main role is played by natural materials, colours and light.

The designers have incorporated the sustainability principles into their design, while taking great care of maintaining the gardens which surround the house. They have succeeded in creating a subtle, sensuous, healthy house, suffused with soft natural light with the use of the entirely organic materials. The wood elements are sourced from a certified plantation; the sculptural inlaid ceiling lights are echoed by subtle local handmade elements on the wooden doors, hardware and furniture. Additionally, white limestone flooring in the house and garden blurs the distinction between inside and outside visually and environmentally. Moreover, the key concept was to create not only an elegant, but also an extremely friendly space suffused with natural light, which you can perceive with all your senses. The project uses a large amount of textured materials and colours.

The style and approach to the design meet the needs of the large dose of investor confidence, who have consciously chosen MoodWorks as a workshop. The main role in the interiors is played by the materials, colours and light. Indeed, thanks to them, the interior of the house completely harmonises with its surrounding. The spaces naturally permeate, and the ambience of subtle elegance prevails. Numerous items of the furnishing, such as doors, floors, and wall cladding have been made by local craftsmen.

The work of Mood Works is an example of a consistent style of the workshop. The aesthetics of the Warsaw studio are based not only on the eclectic combination of high-class materials and equipment. Its tone is set primarily by the author’s choice of the palette of colours and rare ability to intertwine the original art into the tissue of each project. The designs implement the idea of sustainable development, too.