Project name: Orchid Table

Designer:  Mar Silver


The Orchid Table is one of Mar Silver’s signature pieces that I use in many of her design projects. It is available either as coffee table or dining table depending on the room, style and situation. Mar Silver has designed the Orchid Table to adaptable to any room and to suit any clients taste with it being available in a variety of materials such as oak, maple, Brazilian wood (Lora Petso) or even bronze.

As with most of Mar Silvers designs, the Orchid Table is inspired by nature. It has a wood base that is shaped as blooming orchid with a glass top. The table acts as unifying piece in every room that it is in. The Mar Silver Orchid Table connects each space to the next whether it be an indoor to outdoor space or from one room to the next. The table makes a statement in the room but also has very light an ethereal quality to it.

Mar Silvers favourite aspect of the table is that she was able to take something so beautiful, such as an orchid and was able to transform it into a unique piece of furniture, and thanks to the high quality materials used and the fact that it is meticulously handcrafted, every table is a one of a kind. The design of the Orchid Table connects to spaces together with the glass top and the openness of the orchid design, it makes it a seamless transition from one space to another.